Pilates is also Low Impact, so it’s generally safe and accessible to all ages and fitness backgrounds, and not as intense as some other functional fitness modalities.

Our classes focus on technique, alignment, posture correction, and re-training the movement patterns that are often developed through our modern lifestyles to get us back to being the strong and mobile creatures we were born to be. 

The practice of meditation is quite simply a way to support relaxation and manage stress levels, enhance clarity of mind and provide a sense of calm, wellbeing and focus. All achieved by simply bringing the mind to rest on a point of focus, be that the breath, the body, or other visualisations. 


We offer one off sessions that provide attendees with techniques that can be incorporated into daily life to achieve a greater sense of calm and wellbeing. 

Sound can influence brainwave frequency, and when used in a certain way it can transport us into a more relaxed state of consciousness. These states of relaxation are essential to taking care of your nervous system in today’s fast paced society of mental overwhelm, anxiety, and being constantly “on”. 

In our experience, Sound Immersion is a powerful short cut to deep meditative states, particularly for those that struggle with other meditation techniques. 

In our sessions we use gongs and Himalayan singing bowls to soothe the mind into stillness and rejuvenation.

Our Stretch & Unwind classes are based around yoga, offering a space to unwind the body, targeting areas that get tense and tired from office life.  This gentle movement involves long held stretches and mobilisation with a focus on the breath to reduce stress and anxiety and promoting a sense of wellbeing. 

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