We love Pilates because it is Functional, meaning that what we do in class translates to movement in life! It is also low impact, so it’s generally safe and accessible to all ages and fitness backgrounds.

Our classes focus on technique, alignment, posture correction, and re-training the movement patterns that are often developed through our modern lifestyles to get us back to being the strong and mobile creatures we were born to be. 

Stretch + Flow

Our Stretch + Flow classes are a little more dynamic than our Yin Yoga classes, but less intense than Pilates.

We  focus on stretching through movement and mobility to open the body, covering every muscle and joint to leave you feeling like a well oiled machine!

We specialise in Pre & Post Natal and our classes are designed to strengthen and support your body through the changes of pregnancy and beyond. 


We focus on breathing, conditioning the Pelvic Floor and correct abdominal engagement, which are all crucial regardless of whether you are having a natural birth or C-Section.

The practice of meditation helps us to manage stress levels, enhance clarity of mind and provide a sense of calm, wellbeing and focus. We use many different techniques and lineages to achieve this, because we believe that no one size fits all.

We run free evening meditations via Zoom and beginner courses for those who  struggle to get into meditation or want to get deeper into their practice.


Sound Immersion events are regularly held in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

Yin Yoga is a restorative Yoga practice based on Chinese Medicine and Meridian theory. It is designed to open up the energy channels of the body through positions held for 3-5 minutes to restore energetic flow.

Yin Yoga is as much a meditation as a physical practice, and our classes are designed to allow you this time to connect with your body and your mind. We love Yin and consider it to be the ultimate form of self care.