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"Man should develop his physical condition simultaneously with that of his mind."

~ Joseph Pilates


Hello! Welcome! Thank you for being here! I'm Eloise.

It's tricky to describe what I do, because I do many different things; teaching Pilates, Meditation, Yin Yoga, and performing Gong Baths and Sound Immersions. My philosophy is that as humans we need to move more and stress less and I try to bring these modalities together in a way that is accessible and digestible.


My most up-to-date schedule and events are on my instagram, but If you would like to know more or book a private session, please get in touch via the funky little button below.


Pilates focuses on alignment of the spine and developing deep abdominal strength which is crucial for functional strength, balance and coordination.  These things are important because they improve how you move in everyday life, whether that's other sport and activities, playing with your kids, or just simply walking around and going about your business.


Pilates is also Low Impact, so it’s generally safe and accessible to all ages and fitness backgrounds, and not as hardcore as some other functional fitness modalities.

I am particularly passionate about correcting posture and alignment that often suffers from our modern lifestyles, and all specialise in pre and post natal and hypermobility

Yin Yoga

I am deeply interested in the fascial system from my Pilates studies, and meridians and energy centres through her work as a Sound Healer, and Yin Yoga brings these together. I teach Yin to open up the physical body and restore energetic flow, while inviting a meditative practice through holding postures and bringing awareness to physical and emotional sensations as they arise.

Gong Baths and Sound Immersions

I believe that in this current age of mental overwhelm and sensory assault, everyone needs this. In my experience, sound immersion can be a short cut to deep meditation and bypasses the part where you're sitting there trying not to think about what you're going to eat later on.. 


The way I approach this work is to strip away the esoterica to make it digestible for people who wouldn't ordinarily come across sounds immersions or may be put off by the ceremonial aspects. All you have to do is lay back and let my instruments and I do the work. It kind of feels like a massage for your brain. 

Circles and Ceremonies

Holding space to connect with ourselves and with others, my circles are based around the cycles of the moon and intention setting, honouring the divine feminine and divine masculine, as well as bringing these two together in unity. 


"Eloise is great and her clinical approach to Pilates is very interesting.

She's also very kind and easy to talk to." 

— Aish